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Euphyllia paradivisa
Written by Tim Wijgerde   


Euphyllia paradivisa (Veron, 1990)

Kingdom: Animalia 

Phylum: Cnidaria 

Class: Anthozoa

Subclass: Hexacorallia

Order: Scleractinia

Family: Euphyllidae 

Genus: Euphyllia

Species: paradivisa

Euphyllia paradivisa is a well-known member of the Euphyllidae family, and is often confused with E. divisa. The subtle difference between these species lies in the morphology of the corallum. E. paradivisa has a branching skeleton with separate corallites, also referred to as phaceloid, whereas E. divisa displays flabello-meandroid morphology. E. paradivisa  occurs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, west from Sumatra (Indonesia) to West-Papua (Indonesia) in the east, north to the Philippines and south to northern Australia. It is common in the aquarium trade. Anemone fish from the genus Amphiprion often associate with these corals in home aquaria when natural host anemones are lacking.


Tim Wijgerde


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